"Only those who attempt the absurd… will achieve the impossible. I think it's in my basement. Let me go upstairs and check." ― M.C. Escher.
The world as we know it is not seen the same way by every person. Our perceptions of what is in front of us and all around us are seen through different lenses of experiences, personalities, and preferences. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then beauty is conspicuous through a spectrum of distractions. I aim to discover beauty in unusual places, from the mundane to the common and the forgotten. I aim for those to see my work and the world around them more carefully, discover what is there, and capture the strangeness of beauty.
Close observation and engagement become intimate by looking beyond the obvious and focusing on texture, form, color, and value. A photograph relies on proper lighting no matter the subject; catching the elusive light is the challenge. Likewise, a drawing or painting can be manipulated by distorting and exaggerating features. Different perspectives, points of view, and angles are all ingredients for composition. Even the abstract as a form of expression can explore the principles and elements of art and give something meaning.
My work is an exploration of the various sorts of observations and the thinking that lies behind them. As a photographer, the challenge is to see beyond the obvious and to put the ordinary on a pedestal. To tell a story or convey an emotion. From a landscape to a peculiar flower's details, granite texture, and peeling paint in an abandoned house. I strive to treasure the eccentric, the mediocre, the small-scale, and the enigmatic. Whatever celebrates the human condition while finding the beauty in an expression, a culture, architecture, or an old car, and enhancing the image in post to give it a unique aesthetic.