Philosophy of Education

“Why am I taking this class? I'm not an artist! I'm never going to use art ever in my lifetime!” These are questions, and comments said by students at the beginning of the school year almost every year. As an art teacher, I strive to give my students tools, skills, and a sense of value and accomplishment in the arts. Students are not here to learn how to draw. They are here to learn patience, focus and develop critical thinking skills. Grading is not based on a student's artistic ability but on their ability to follow instructions and put effort into their work. As students learn to make decisions and problem-solve, they know how to translate knowledge, which brings out and gives them a sense of understanding of the subject. These are the tools they are learning that will benefit them in life.
After working as a professional graphic designer for several years and having a passion for art and the creative process, I felt the need to share my knowledge, experience, and adoration of the arts. I Have a fond memory and appreciation for the teachers and professors who put extra effort into helping me succeed in my classes and gave me an understanding of life in general. I strive to provide the same educational standards to all my students. I intend to introduce art fundamentals as a vehicle for creative self-expression and provide an overview of fine-art practice concepts, language, and skills. A strong emphasis is on enabling students to develop their artistic style and vision. That vision is facilitated by a close working relationship between faculty and students, providing individualized technical and conceptual development critiques.
I believe every student has an artistic ability that is unique to that individual. Everyone has a unique signature or handwriting style, so I help students discover their artistic style and build self-confidence. This teaching process involves combining the brain’s right and left hemispheres to develop an understanding and execution of the creative process. As an educator, I aim to enhance the student’s knowledge of design principles through various media and determine how design elements are implemented in each work of art. Students will learn a basic understanding of the artist’s role through producing and examining art. Promote visual and contextual knowledge of art from various movements and artists through exploration and experimentation. Show artistic integrity by creating original, thoughtful, and expressive viewpoints or making social commentary.